Button 1

Creation Mode- This step guides YOU in the development of a link-node hydrologic model network. The PROGRAM provides you with either a data base environment, or the import of GIS graphics layers for soil, rainfall and other parameters, as well as subarea, link and node specifications.

This module contains an extensive DIAGNOSTICS submodule that checks numerous items including topology of the network, existence and uniqueness of nodes, links and subareas, and many other topics.

The RATSCx program is integrated into the BUTTON 1 module execution set.

When finished, the hydrology link-node model is developed, and the data base underpinnings will be used in several of the subsequent SIMS module steps.

MAINTENANCE MODE- Changes to the link-node model are accomodated at this step. The module editor provides for YOU to change links, subareas, and other properties of the network.

The DIAGNOSTICS module performs a check of numerous network and data base items to aid in reducing modeling and subsequent analysis inconsistencies.

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