“New!  HydroWIN 2016 patch for updated USB drivers self-test.”

AES 2016 Release

AES 2016 Installation Instructions

AES 2015 Release

Known issue: “Windows” version of FLOODSC will display Error 38 if USB key is not plugged in on a Windows 10 machine.

AES 2015 Installation Instructions

Please email us for a digital copy of your security codes. (9/01/2015)

AES 2014 Release

AES 2014 Installation Instructions

Please email us for a digital copy of your security codes. (6/01/2014)

FLOODSC 2013 Patch, Pt. 1 of 2

FLOODSC 2013 Patch, Pt. 2 of 2

Retroactive patches for FLOODSC 2009-2012

Minor update to fix repeated output statement if initial basin dead space is zero.


AES 2013 Release

AES 2013 Installation Instructions

Please email us for a digital copy of your security codes. (6/01/2013)

CH1 2012 Patch, Pt. 1 of 2

CH1 2012 Patch, Pt. 2 of 2

Update for WQMP support with RF=1 year. (2/13/2013)

Also updates for high loss rate fraction and zero runoff volume. (12/28/2012)

AES 2012 Release

AES 2012 Installation Instructions


PIPEFLOW 2012 EXE patch

PIPEFLOW 2012 DLL patch

Update for supercritical flow convergence at junction.


RATSC 2011 patch

RATSC 2010 patch

RATSC 2009 patch

Updates for SIMS land use table and file path handling.


AES 2011 Release

AES 2011 Installation Instructions


AES Documentation


AES 2010 Release

AES 2010 Installation Instructions


SIMS modification for global subarea number conversion factor


Please save respective file to c:\aes2008\hydrosft\ratscx\… or c:\aes2009\hydrosft\ratscx\…


AES 2009 Release

AES 2009 Installation Instructions


Note: some users have reported issues with the 2009 installer.

An alternative is to unzip this file to the c:\ drive manually.

FLOOD08 modification for smaller area sizes


Please extract zipped files to c:\aes2008\hydrosft\floodX\…


HELE1-08 modification for splash screen


Please save file to c:\aes2008\hydrosft\Hele1\…


HELE2-08 modification for USB keys


Please copy file to c:\aes2008\hydrosft\Hele2\…


AES 2008 Release

AES 2008 Installation Instructions


AES 2007 SP1 Release

Service Pack 1 includes updates related to County of San Bernardino.  To download only the updates, please click here.  (9/13/2007)

AES 2007 Installation Instructions

Windows Vista compliant — please see installation instructions (6/01/2007)

AES 2006 Release

Includes all prior patches. (6/15/2006)

CH1 2006

USB key update.  Please unzip both files to c:\aes2006\hydrosft\ch1\… (6/15/2006)

RATSC06 patch (6/15/2006):
RATSC05 patch (5/11/2006):
Allows super area sizes (greater than 150 sq. miles), OC manual only.

Patch to resolve “Cannot find hele1.tmp file” issue.                 (6/1/2006)

CH1 2005 patch…resolves Print/Save issue

Install AES2005A without uninstalling previous versions of the software.

AES 2005 B Release


Issue with HydroWIN: I click on “I agree”, but then nothing happens – Install:


AES 2002 Patch

If you have installed AES 2002 software prior to May 22, 2002, the following patch should be downloaded onto your computer and run:

Download Patch Now (294 KB)
1. Download the patch above by clicking on the link above and choosing a destination.

2. Once the download is complete, find the file on your hard drive (where you specified in step 1) and run it. Please click the “Unzip” button. Four files (CH102.DLL, CH102.EXE, HELE102.DLL, and HELE102.EXE) should extract themselves automatically to the c:\aes2002 directory.

3. If there are any questions or problems, please contact us!