About AES…
Advanced Engineering Software (AES) has been distributing hydrologic software since 1981. The PC software developers include Ted Hromadka, Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., PH, PE, Professor of Mathematics and Environmental Studies at California State University, Fullerton; Howard Chang, Ph.D., PE, Professor of Civil Engineering at San Diego State University; Johannes DeVries, Ph.D., PH, PE, University of California, Davis, and Dr. Paolo Zannetti, EnviroCOMP.

AES Version:
We are currently offering our 2012 release. It incorporates numerous new and powerful features, which are briefly discussed in this web site.

Please contact AES for this information.

Software Support:
AES provides support to its clients through:

 —  Phone Support

 —  E-mail Support

 —  Documentation

 —  Short Courses