SIMS Features

SIMS Features Include:

Demo Mode: Puts SIMS into a step-by-step demonstration
Creation Mode: Creates a new MPD
Maintenance Mode: Updates an existing MPD
DataBase Manager: Accesses the MPD data base
DataBase Historian: Displays results from previous or current MPDs
File Cabinet: Keeps track of all existing MPDs
Display Mode: Displays all features of this year’s SIMS
STEP 1: Create/Edit Subareas and Links
STEP 2: Link Files
STEP 3: Multiple Frequencies Options
STEP 4: Approve Hydrology
STEP 5: Post-Processor
STEP 11: Approve Sf Slopes
STEP 12: Approve Capacities
STEP 13: Deficiency Mitigation
STEP 14: Approve MPD Link TYPEs
STEP 15: Approve Mitigation
STEP 21: Hydraulics Files Setup
STEP 22: Hydraulics Analysis
STEP 31: Sediment Transport
STEP 32: Floodplains (HEC-RAS)
STEP 33: Debris Basins
STEP 34: Biologic Inventory
STEP 35: Wetlands
STEP 41: Costs: String Basis
STEP 42: Cost-to-Benefit Index
STEP 43: Pollutant Loadings
STEP 44: Model Schematic
STEP 51: Reporting Options
STEP 52: Build GIS Data Base

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