Clients & Projects

AES had distributed software packages for hydrology, hydraulics, and other water resources topics since 1981. It has been adopted for use by several county flood control agencies in California, and has been the software package of choice for over 500 governmental agencies, universities, private engineering firms and consultants.

The AES library of programs has been used to prepare 55 city-wide and county-wide master plans of drainage, and the AES Stormwater Information Management System (SIMS) has been adopted for use in maintaining city-wide master plans of drainage by 27 cities including Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Vista, Fullerton, Torrance, among others.

The AES program developers include Professor Emeritus, Ted Hromadka, California State University, Fullerton; Professor Howard Chang, San Diego State University; Dr. Johannes DeVries, University of California, Davis; Dr. Paolo Zannetti, EnviroCOMP. The AES program developers are the authors of several county flood control agency Hydrology Manuals, U.S. Governmental publications, books and papers on the topics that the AES software addresses. The AES program developers also provide the SOFTWARE SUPPORT.

AES encourages you to compare the qualifications and experience of the AES program developers and support experts to any other hydrology/hydraulics software supplier.